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Pediatrics - Medical Care of Children

Pediatricians specialize in the treatment of infants, children and adolescents. They also serve as Primary Care Physicians. They usually care for patients until the age of eighteen years. Since children cannot make decisions for themselves, there are the legal issues which come into effect in treating a child. Legal responsibility and informed consents must always be considered in every pediatric procedure. At St. Joseph Medical Clinic all services will be delivered in a child friendly focused environment.

Dr. Rozalynde Randolph M.D. - Pediatrician - is the starting point for new patients. New born babies come to the clinic for wellness check-ups and immunizations. Dr. Randolph also treats and diagnosis children with acute and chronic illnesses. Most children who start with a pediatrician remain with the same physician and or clinic that offers different specialties, since records are readily available.

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